So this month has been Super Dope! We’re making a lot of news and reviews.

So check it out. Last Tuesday we were just sitting around the War Table when our managers got an email…. Boom! Mantis over at The WestLeaf wanted to interview us. We couldn’t believe that shit at first! Like we were baffled, befuddled, bedazzled and completely mind boggled. Nobody’s ever shown us no love….. like nobody! So we thought it was a joke. We were sure someone here in the 13th ShockRA War Room was trying to catch us slipping for an episode of Punk’d or some shit. Our team got to the bottom of it though and it was legit. On Thursday they dropped off this link in our inbox with all our Q&A’s that could be posted. Full Interview .  We wanna be 100% clear Mantis and The WestLeaf are the absolute Dopeness! 

Then, last Friday, July 8th. 2022 an African Hype Magazine Journalist named Delvin sent us this article he did on us…. We were like Us? Really?!?! We know we got fans their from the streams we get, but Us? He was like “Yes You” and we opened the article and read it and this dude showed us some absolute Major Love for Fortune Teller for real!  Go Read The Article? Mad Love and Respect Eternally to Delvin and African Hype Magazine!

And just today this Ted Fuel a music journalist over at the Hip Hop news source site Hip Hop Since 1987 did a deep dive article on us. Read the Full Article This was absolutely mind blowing to read as they get it! We’ve been trying to get this message out for a decade now and finally someone is starting to get it! For that we are truly excited, blessed and grateful to Ted Fuel and Hip Hop Since 1987.


Damn Tribe, we’re not really sure what’s changed but we’re sure we have all of you to thank for this.

Love and Respect 

Gruesome Greg (Official Webmaster) and the Guys

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