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New Merch Out Now in the web store! 

AccessoriesHead Wear, and T-Shirts all got major over hauls tonight and have tons of new merchandise in them. All Shirts are now two sided if marked as $30. $30 Snapbacks are three sided. Merch for 13th ShockRA and each artist on its way as well as more Wazteland Warriorz Merch. Check it all out!


So this month has been Super Dope! We’re making a lot of news and reviews.

So check it out. Last Tuesday we were just sitting around the War Table when our managers got an email…. Boom! Mantis over at The WestLeaf wanted to interview us. We couldn’t believe that shit at first! Like we were baffled, befuddled, bedazzled and completely mind boggled. Nobody’s ever shown us no love….. like nobody! So we thought it was a joke. We were sure someone here in the 13th ShockRA War Room was trying to catch us slipping…

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