On November 11, 2001, an interdimensional portal was opened. The first Wazteland Warriorz arrived through that portal. On March 21st, 2012, the band made their independent music debut as Stank Naz-T and Tony 2Braidz with the album "Greetingz from the Wazteland! The project provided a dark glimpse into a post-apocalyptic dystopian future populated by mutants, zombies, werewolves, and every other horror trope imaginable. "Durty!" the Scrub Life Anthem for the Downtrodden, "The Moon," in which the group goes on a werewolf slashing rampage a la horror films, and Eatdarich, featuring Underground pioneer and living legend Mastamind of NaTaS, would all go on to become underground classics.


By October, the album's formula of dark lyrics and comical punchlines reminiscent of Insane Clown Posse had gained enough traction to land a national distribution deal with Michigan-based Longrange Distribution. Throughout the rest of 2012, the band promoted the album by touring and opening for major names in the independent music industry. The loss of many loved ones, combined with the success of "Greetingz from the Wazteland," inspired the band to return to the studio in early 2013.


The duo began work on their sophomore album, "Bcarefulwutuwish4". This time, the audience is taken on a magical adventure with more than just a simple plot twist. Stank and Tony are pre-dystopians attempting to become successful rappers when they come across a genie who decides to make them suffer in exchange for each desire they wish for. The album was picked up by Smokebox Music Group, which had just signed a major distribution deal with Universal Music Group subsidiary Bungalow Records.


The album was released on April 18th, 2013. The first single was "OutOfControl" a story about the duo becoming demonically possessed and wreaking havoc. Then comes "Make-A-Wish," a heavy, almost fight-like song in which the duo plays the genie. The third and final single released was the comically disturbing "KindaBitch4Me," featuring then label mate and solo artist Cykosomatik, in which each artist graphically described their dream girl.


The duo continued their momentum with live shows, opening for some major acts, and an official performance at the Insane Clown Posse’s 14th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. Meanwhile the new distribution deal was riddled with scandal and legal wrangling, with the CEO being charged with embezzlement. Frustrated, the duo brought in Guitarist Filthy Footy and DJ Mo1d3Zutz to the mix. They returned to the studio to create "the Platinum Version," a new version of the "Bcarefulwutuwish4" album with a more metal edge.


Unfortunately, the album was shelved due to label politics. The group added a third emcee by the name of "Doc Durty" and began working on a Mixtape series called "Kill'n Tha Classickz". Following the disappearance of Stank and Durty mid-project, 2Braidz soon found himself on his own. Meanwhile, Footy had a run-in with the legal system, landing him in prison, and Mo1d3Zutz had been kidnapped and forced back through the dimensional barrier to be experimented on by the corrupt government and their CCI scientific studies program in their dystopian home world.


Mo1d3 has since escaped from CCI and returned, accompanied by two new CCI experiments: Cole-I and B1rd3. Between December 2021 and February 2022, the most recent incarnation released several new singles. Among them is the underground hit "NINJAZ," which features MNE recording artist Lex The Hex Master. They have now formed their own company, "Post Apocalyptic Pop Media," and will be releasing older music in early 2023. In June, the first of all new releases and an official merchandise line will be released.